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EJOT Fixing Solutions Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd.

EJOT Fixing Solutions Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd.

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About us

EJOT Fixing Solutions Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd was created in 2022 and represents the EJOT brand in Southern Africa, we are part of the EJOT Group, headquartered in Germany.

EJOT is a 100 year old manufacturer synonymous with the highest quality fastening products and technology. We are specialists in corrosion resistance.

We bring our expertise to the mining industry as a solutions provider, providing solutions that result in safer mines, longer plant operational life and effective fastening above and under ground.

EJOT Bringing it Together

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Industrial and Engineering EJOT industrial fasteners can be found in countless assemblies worldwide


EJOT Fixing Solutions Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd.
Spaces Office, 1 Bridgeway Rd.
7441 Century City, Cape Town
South Africa

Phone:  +27 78 8834150

Contact person:

Sebastian Rupieper
Managing Director
E-mail: srupieper@ejot.com
Phone: +27 78 8834150

Products & Services

We provide fastening technology to the following construction industries:

  • Mining
  • Concrete and structural anchors
  • Solar, green hydrogen and renewable energy
  • Industrial lightweight construction
  • Insulation (ETICS)
  • Facades and rear-ventilated facades
  • Flat-roof fastening
  • Window and profiles
  • Drywall and interior services

Multifix SE1000

Anchoring in cracked concrete and non-cracked concrete
Anchoring in masonry
Anchoring in natural stone
Approved for anchor rods
Vinyl resin, styrene-free
May be used in wet concrete and water-filled boreholes
Processing with commercially available squeezing gun possible
May be used in wet concrete and water-filled boreholes

Multifix SE1000

Liebig Superplus SLS A4

Applications - Power plants, Guard rails, Machinery, Base plates, For dynamic and seismic loads, Small edge and center distances
Self-undercutting anchor with hexagon screw and washer
A4-80 stainless steel
Automatic self-undercutting, unique heavy-duty anchor for push through installation
Minimal expansion forces allow for small center and edge distances
For indoor and outdoor areas, as well as industrial applications
Approved for cracked and non-cracked concrete

Liebig Superplus SLS A4 Anchor

HHA H2 Anchor

Simple hammer anchor with a handy pig tail -shape hook!
• Replaces clumsy, over-sized and timeconsuming fixings!
• The special-shaped hook keeps ropes and cables securely in place
• Drill 8 mm hole and simply hammer in
• Shaft lengths 105 and 205 mm
• No special tools or drill bits needed
• Suitable also for wall fastenings
• A2 for dry and humid indoor use, outdoor in rural areas only. Suitable for tunnels
and mines.

HHA A2 Anchor - hammer hook anchor

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