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Bechem Lubrication Technology

Bechem Lubrication Technology

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BECHEM is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality special lubricants and metal working fluids.

BECHEM is a development partner of the industry with high competence for tailor-made solutions, regardless of whether the development of for-life lubricants for the automotive industry, machinery and plant engineering or process optimization in forming and machinery operations.

Our range extends to also the supply of the following:

  • Lubrication systems

  • Lubrication equipment

  • Total fluid management

  • Filtration

  • Vacuum dehydration

  • Desiccant breathers

  • Storage solutions

  • Training

  • Environmental products


Bechem Lubrication Technology
Chrome Str. 8
1900 Vanderbijlpark
South Africa

Téléphone:  +27 16 9811016
Carl Bechem GmbH
Weststr. 120
58089 Hagen

E-mail: bechem@bechemsa.com
Internet: www.bechem.com
1624 Route Kipushi / 13 Ave Prof Mbayo Kabulameshi
Lubumbashi, Haut-Katanga

Téléphone:  +27 72 1785406
Haut-Katanga, Congo (DRC)

Téléphone:  +27 72 1785406


Rickus O'Neil
E-mail: rickus@bechemsa.com
Téléphone: +27 82 4437811

Adriaan Vorster
E-mail: adriaan@bechemsa.com
Téléphone: +27 82 8024089

Johan Kriel
E-mail: johan.kriel@drs-cd.com
Téléphone: +27 72 1785406

Louise Britz
E-mail: orders@bechem.co.za
Téléphone: +27 16 9811016

Produits et services

Lubricating greases, Lubricating oils, Pastes, Sprays, Lubrication Equipment, Lubrication systems, Lubrication products, Desiccant Breathers, Lubrication storage and handling, Filtration, Vacuum dehydration, Oil store setup, Colour coding of lubricating products, Total Fluid Management, Lubrication Training, Environmental products, Mining supplies, PPE, Oil and Chemical pollution control.

Lubricating Greases

BECHEM develops and produces high-performance lubricating greases for a multitude of industrial applications and for the toughest requirements, whether for harsh conditions in heavy industry, demanding applications in automotive engineering, or the food and pharmaceutical industry.
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Lubricating Oils

Whether as a hydraulic fluid, gear oil, or chain oil with H1 registration – for a diverse range of industrial applications, BECHEM offers a product range that makes a critical contribution to cutting-edge production and manufacturing technology as well as service and maintenance.
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Lubrication Systems and Equipment

Automatic oil and grease systems are designed to support the needs of all lubrication related equipment. Fleets across the globe rely on our built-to-last systems to automatically lubricate their assets. Additionally, we provide centralised grease systems for all lubrication areas. These reliable systems include state-of-the-art controller and monitoring options, pumps, injectors, divider valves and numerous other customisable accessories.
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